Yamaha offers branded apparel

Yamaha offers branded apparelIn motorcycle culture, fans of a brand will often stick with that manufacturer over their entire life. There are plenty of riders out there who wouldn’t be caught dead on anything but a Harley, just as there are fans of the way Suzuki crafts its bikes.

In motorsports, this goes one step further, as each brand attempts to put together a racing team that will take the title home. Often, allegiance to one brand’s bikes will extend to rooting for that team to do well in various events.

Riders can show their love for their favorite brand through the purchase of motorcycle apparel. Yamaha, for example, recently debuted some new pieces that’ll keep fans of the racing team and bikes looking good both on and off their bikes.

Yamaha offers riders a nice set of racing gloves in the form of the Drako Glove Yamaha. These gloves have special tacky rubber surface tips in order to maximize grip, yet they also contain airprene inlays for added protection. Those gloves will go great with a replica leather motorcycle jacket just like the pros wear on race day. This jacket also comes with inlays for extra protection in addition to a few removable liners for climate-controlled riding.