Pro Tips – Synthetic Oils & Blends

Learn what oil is right for your bike and why. In a somewhat famous oil-testing tale that lives online, dozens of New York City taxicabs ran either synthetic motor oil or traditional petroleum oil in a test that lasted two years. Test results reportedly showed, among other things, that the more expensive synthetic motor oils […]

Product Spotlight – Solar Battery Tender Review

Kleenex. Band-Aid. Battery Tender. Three products whose names have become generic representations of entire product categories. Only one of them is now solar powered. Guess which one. Solar-powered battery chargers are nothing new. For several years, hikers and campers have used the sun to charge cell phones and laptop computers. You can place a portable […]

Tips From the Pros – Skid Plate Install

  A quick and easy guide to protecting your bike in minutes. Even if you ride on the best-manicured supercross tracks, one wayward stone can spell disaster on the underside of your dirt bike. Of course, you could add protection plates to many parts of your off-road bike’s chassis, but a good-quality skid plate that […]

See the Light – HID Lighting

Motorsports is filled with numbers, initials and acronyms that can be confusing, or are simply left misunderstood. (The “W” in your motor oil’s label means “winter,” not “weight.”) Maybe you don’t need to know what they all mean exactly. But doing so can shed light on a product, pun intended. HID means “high-intensity discharge.” HID […]

Data Logging the Rockstar Energy RM-Z450

Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 Fuel Injection and Data-Logging expert Roy Matheson talks about logistics and the computer’s role on the Grand Prix circuit and in developing Suzuki’s future production models. The Suzuki RM-Z450 has claimed every major off-road Motocross and Supercross title there is to win. The motorcycle – introduced to the FIM Motocross […]

Pedrosa to Return This Weekend

Dani Pedrosa has announced that after missing more than a month of time, he’ll be back for this weekend’s MotoGP race in Mugello, Italy. The Repsol Honda rider suffered a broken collarbone after a controversial clash with Marco Simoncelli. He was originally slated to miss two races at most, but complications forced him to undergo […]

Progressive Names Top Motorcycle Rides

One of the best things about owning a motorcycle is the freedom that the vehicle brings. There’s nothing like hitting the open road and just enjoying a nice ride, whether it’s solo or with a group of friends. With the entire country within reach, riders have plenty of options when it comes to hitting the […]

Instant Replay – Helmet Cameras

All of a sudden, your simple re-telling of last weekend’s ride is kinda boring. Did you happen to video tape that? Even just a couple years ago, asking the “video tape that?” question was unheard of. Today – thanks to helmet-mount cameras like GoPro, MotoComm and Contour – the days of picture-less story telling are […]

Product Spotlight – Oakley Wind Jacket

Originally Designed with Motorcycle Riders in Mind. Oakley Wind Jacket There’s something about Oakley. When this company enters a market, it tends to bring in a cool factor that was before not present. From the origins with BMX handlebar grips in the mid-70s, to sunglasses, shoes and more, Oakley style and technology makes an impact. […]

Suzuki Unveils V-Strom 650

It’s safe to say that the debut of the 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650 could have been handled a bit better. The manufacturer orchestrated a long and drawn-out teaser campaign for the bike that built it up to be something big. Then, photos and specs for the bike were accidentally leaked by the company’s European arm, […]