Stoner Clinches MotoGP Title

Casey Stoner went into this weekend’s race at Phillip Island, Australia, needing to win in order to clinch the 2011 MotoGP championship. He also needed Jorge Lorenzo to finish in fourth or worst. But Stoner caught a break when Lorenzo crashed in morning warmups, suffering an injury that actually took off part of his ring […]

Cold Weather Gear Buyer’s Guide

Cold Weather Gear Buyer's Guide

Prepare For Winter With Cold Weather Gear There is no bad weather – Just bad clothing. Even though I live in Southern California, I’ve ridden in a wide variety of weather conditions. Once, on a dual-sport ride in the mountains of south central Utah, I was surprised by a snowstorm – surprising because it was […]

Michigan Man, Age 89, Rides 1,000 Miles In A Day

Traveling 1,000 miles in a car is a pretty hefty task and doing so on a motorcycle is even more grueling, but one man made things even more impressive by going the distance in just 24 hours – and he’s 89 years old. The Associated Press reports that Michigan native Ward Blanchard is a retired […]

American Heat Motorcycle Weekend Comes To A Close

Motorcycle enthusiasts were out in droves in Palm Springs, California, this past weekend for the American Heat Motorcycle Rally. The three-day event saw hundreds of bike owners browsing a number of vendors selling motorcycle gear and other goods, according to MyDesert.com. On Sunday, Soren Samuelsson, president of the Palm Springs Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle […]

Body Protection Buyer’s Guide – What’s Right For You?

Body Protection Buyer's Guide - What’s Right For You?

Sometimes – not very often, of course – but sometimes, getting suited up to ride can be a hassle. It’s all worth it when you get out there, when you’re enjoying the ride, and are well protected with all your gear. But going through the process with the chest protector and back protector and elbow […]

Jett Boots Review – Lighter. Stronger. Longer Lasting

The Jett J1 Boot is made of plastic, actually “exclusive and proprietary materials,” but it’s a lot easier to simply call it plastic. No matter what you call it, the material provides several benefits. The Jett Boots are lightweight, much lighter than traditional leather motocross boots. Durability and protection is not sacrificed for the weight […]

Technical Riding Gear Buyer’s Guide: The Science Of Klim

How Klim Uses Superior Engineering To Build The World’s Most Technically Advanced Gear Off-road, dual-sport and adventure riding is blessed and simultaneously cursed with a wide range of terrain, weather, logistic and other potentially life-threatening conditions. For a sport that is more about where you can go than how to get there, off-road adventure riding […]

Be Kind To Your Knees – Buyer’s Guide To Knee Brace Fit And Function

Why you need to wear knee braces, and how to buy them. You buy and wear a helmet to prevent a head injury. That makes perfect sense. Why, then, do most MX riders forget the knee brace, only buying one (or two) after they’ve already injured a knee? Doesn’t make sense. We see an increasing […]

2011 Monster Energy Cup Results

Villopoto wins $1 million at Monster Energy Cup Many dismissed the Monster Energy Cup’s $1 million payday as a publicity stunt, as it was seen as extremely unlikely that any one rider would win all three 10-lap events to take home the full million. But rider Ryan Villopoto, who won both the AMA Supercross and […]

Chaparral Motorsports Redesigns Website To Improve User Experience

Chaparral Motorsports recently unveiled a wave of upgrades to its website, online superstore a site for riders looking for all the latest motorcycle parts, that will make the experience even easier for motorcycle parts shoppers. The company is rolling out a complete overhaul of the website that will solidify Chaparral’s standing as the go-to place […]