Zero Motorcycles To Present At RV Show

Zero Motorcycles To Present At RV Show

Zero Motorcycles has quickly become one of the best-known manufacturers of electric motorcycles, and the company has presented their products at numerous conventions around the country. This month the manufacturer will be displaying their products in a new environment – an RV show.

The RV industry has grown beyond motorhomes to include towable trailers that have space for other motorized vehicles, and this means that RV shows are now beginning to include products like motorcycles and ATVs. Zero will be presenting their electric lineup at the GoodTimes Promotions RV Show & Sale in Pleasanton, California from January 6th-12th.

“The attendance and sales at our RV shows over the past years has been consistently growing, and we wanted to branch out and offer something we believe RV enthusiasts will love,” said Mike Nohr, president of GoodTimes Promotions. “Zero Motorcycles are amazing electric motorcycles that we’re sure will be a hit at the show.”

Zero recently announced that many of the bikes in their 2012 lineup will be able to travel more than 100 miles on a single charge, and will also have a top speed of 100 miles per hour.