Kurt Caselli Wins Hare & Hound In A Controversial Race

Kurt Caselli Wins Hare & Hound In A Controversial Race
The final round of the AMA National Hare and Hound championship thrilled fans in Lucerne Valley, California, this past weekend. Kurt Caselli won the race and appears to have defended his title in the motorsports series, but due to a protest filed after a controversial decision there has been no official word on the final standings.

Caselli entered the race eight points behind leader David Pearson, and knew from the start that he would have to win the event while Pearson finished at least two positions behind him to claim the overall title. He came out fast and dominated the race from start to finish, winning the round handily. It then turned into a waiting game, as he watched to see where Pearson would finish in the standings.

Originally, it appeared that Pearson had ended up in second place behind Caselli, a strong enough performance to clinch his crown. However, officials penalized him for a pit stop infraction earlier in the race, knocking him down five spots to seventh, Cycle News reports.

Pearson and his Kawasaki team filed a protest, and the race entered a period of official review. Depending on the severity of the penalty awarded to Pearson, the final championship standings could change, but as of now it looks like Caselli will walk away with the AMA Hare and Hound title.