Fly Racing’s Newest Chest Protector Hits The Market

Fly Racing Pro & Pro Lite Chest Protectors
If you’re cruising down dirt roads at top speeds or doing your best to traverse difficult terrain on an off-road machine, you’ll need to be protected from accidents that could happen to any rider. Wearing helmets and other basic protective gear is a must for anyone, as are roost and chest protectors that can keep your midsection safe in the event of a crash or kickback from another rider.

A new line of roost and chest protectors was recently introduced by Fly Racing. The collection, which includes the Pro Chest Protector, Pro Lite Chest Protector, Adventure Roost Guard and Junior Lite Body Vest, was engineered in conjunction with Leatt and is designed to meet the highest level of safety requirements by using special material meant to absorb shock upon impact. There are also removable and adjustable plates that integrate with neck braces, making for a safer overall riding experience.

Fly Racing has been providing motorcycle accessories and ATV gear since 1996. Today, its products are used by motorcycle enthusiasts in more than 40 countries across the world and cater to a variety of different styles of riding, from off-roading to ATV racing and more. The chest protectors are the latest addition to the growing realm of products offered by Fly.