Motorcyclists Speak Out About Fuel Concerns

Motorcyclists Speak Out About Fuel Concerns
Motorcyclists from across the country banded together in Washington, D.C., June 19 to speak about their concerns regarding E15 fuel. The gasoline, which contains up to 15 percent ethanol, is unsafe for almost all motorcycles and ATVs and can even lead to voided bike warranties or destroyed motorcycle gear.

Many of the participants of this rally want Congress to conduct more extensive, independent testing on the fuel before it becomes a staple in gas stations across the U.S. With the potential to cause severe damage to gas tanks and other parts of motorcycles or ATVs, E15 needs to be approached with caution by the nation’s riders despite the fact that it is generally deemed to be safe for most cars.

“Issuing rules that allow the sale of E15 at gas stations without adequate testing to be sure it’s safe in motorcycles and ATVs, not to mention engines in boats and power equipment, just isn’t wise,” said AMA Board Chairwoman Maggie McNally. “We’re here today to deliver that message to our legislators, so that the right safeguards can be put in place.”

According to Speed TV, the event began with a motorcycle ride around the U.S. Capitol, which was followed by the rally.