AMA to celebrate 25th Anniversary Of Motorcycle Ohio

Motorcycle Ohio 25th Anniversary Logo
The American Motorcyclist Association has a full plate of events scheduled for the summer, and the next is a celebration of a special safety effort that takes place right around the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Motorcycle Ohio is marking its 25th anniversary with an event on the AMA Hall of Fame campus Saturday, Aug. 3.

Motorcycle Ohio, a training organization which functions as a part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services, is dedicated to keeping riders safe at all times. The organization aims to enhance public education about motorcycles while also conducting informational campaigns and emphasizing the importance of protective motorcycle accessories.

“I am proud and honored to be a part of such an important celebration,” said Karhlton F. Moore, executive director of the OCJS. “Motorcycle Ohio has accomplished so much since its inception, and we are committed to many more years of working with our traffic safety partners on education, enforcement and engineering efforts to reduce motorcycle deaths and injuries.”

Attendants who check out the event will be able to watch product demonstrations, browse through gear displays and stay entertained with live music and reduced admission to the Hall of Fame.