AMA Announces 2017 Monster Energy Cup Entry List

mecFor fans of Supercross, the long eight months between the end of the season and the start of the next season can be frustrating. Thankfully there’s the Monster Energy Cup (MEC) in October to help whet their appetites and get the fans psyched for the upcoming season. This year’s  MEC event will be an interesting one since this will be the first time that the Joker Lane will be an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage as it had been in years past.

There is a lot of excitement around the MEC because there’s a lot of money on the line. A three race 10-lap format, if one racer can sweep all three races in the Cup Class they will ride away with a millionaire with the one million dollar purse. So far only one rider, Ryan Villopoto, has managed to win all three races and the million dollars, and no racer has won the cup more than once.

The AMA just announced the entry list for all three classes: Cup, Amateur  All-Stars, and Supermini. With very talented group of riders competing in the Cup Class it’s a tough call as to who has the best chance of winning.


3              Eil Tomac

11           Kyle Chisholm

15           Dean Wilson

18           Davi Millsaps

19           Justin Bogle

20           Broc Tickle

21           Jason Anderson

25           Marvin Musquin

33           Josh Grant

37           Fredrik Noren

45           Jordon Smith

48           Christain Craig

51           Justin Barcia

55           Vince Friese

59           Cole Martinez

60           Benny Blos

61           Heath Harrison

67           Justin Hoeft

69           Tyler Bowers

73           Brandon Scharer

81           Chase Marquier

90           Dakota Tedder

91           Alex Ray

102         Chris Blose

120         Todd Bannister

124         Bobby Fitch

190         Jacob Hayes

211         Tevin Tapia

222         Chris Howell

240         Bryce Stewart

243         Tim Gajser

256         James Milson

277         Kordel Caro

282         Theodore Pauli

374         Cody Gilmore

501         Scotty Wennerstrom

505         Cyrille Coulon

526         Colton Aeck

542         Johnnie Buller

608         David Pulley

713         Chad Cook

722         Adam Enticknap

723         Tyler Enticknap

726         Gared Steinke

740         Lane Staley

792         Bracken Hall


11           Ciaran Naran

14           Brock Papi

16           Enzo Lopes

17           Carter Halpain

29           Zane Merrett

33           Derek Drake

47           Jo Shimoda

57           Kameron Barboa

63           Pierce Brown

99           Lance Kobusch

101         Jake Pinhancos

133         Jordan Bailey

222         Ramyller Alves

223         Paker Mashburn

282         Garrett Marchbanks

288         Conner Mullennix

382         Tanner Stack

510         Seth Hammaker

522         Johnny Garcia

612         Mitchell Falk

777         Dylan Greer

972         Cole Barbieri


10           Jeremy Ryan

24           Joshua Varize

26           Parker Earl

30           Jordan Jarvis

32           Kaeden Amerine

34           Tayler Allred

41           Alexander Vestal

46           Charles Tolleson

51           Jace Kessler

60           Mark Stone

68           Branden Walther

71           Hunter Cross

79           Jett Reynolds

80           Preston Kilroy

122         Carson Mumford

171         Talon Hawkins

222         Caden Braswell

329         Matthew LeBlanc

351         Jack Rogers

411         Crockett Myers

428         Nate Thrasher

552         Larrey Reyes

711         Max Vohland