Goggle Guide: Motorcycle, ATV, SXS Goggles Explained

Goggles on counterYou aren’t going to get very far on your next offroad motorcycle, ATV, or UTV adventure if you can’t see where you’re going. Equally as important as protecting your head with a helmet, shielding your eyes from dust, sticks, and other flying debris with a pair of goggles is an absolute must. If you don’t slip on a pair of goggles before you hit the dunes or trails you’ll most likely end up getting something in your eyes, you won’t be able to see, and then yeah, you’ll probably crash and smack your head.

There’s a wide variety of goggles available and while most can be used for general purpose use, many people don’t realize there are goggles that are designed specifically for different types of riders and terrain. For example, if you wear eye glasses and have been annoyed by the goggles pressing your glasses against the sides of your head then check out a pair of Over The Galss (OTG) goggles. Or if you spend most of your time ripping UTVs through the dunes and are tired of the bottom of your goggles filling with a thin layer of sand then a pair of sand goggles are a must.

In this Goggle Guide video Kyle talks with Chaparral Motorsports’ offroad apparel manager, Travis Snyder, and they discuss the features and benefits between sand goggles, MX goggles, OTG goggles, and enduro goggles. You may think goggles are just simple eye protection, but after watching this video you’ll learn there’s much more to them and have a better idea of what type of goggles to reach for on your next ride.