Paul “Motorcycle Maniac”

Motorcycle Maniac

I love cruisers. My current bike is a Yamaha FJR1300. I used to ride dirt bikes and sport bikes when I was younger but at 56 you tend to wise up and try to live a little bit longer. I ride with family and friends every chance that I get but most of the time I go on solo runs. If you’re ever in the Fontana area and see an old man riding a Yamaha chances are that’s me.

I write full-time for Twowheelmania out of my passion for motorcycles.

Dan “The Dirt Bike Guy”

I’m a 26-year-old San Bernardino native that lives, breathes and eats dirt bikes. When I’m not drinking monster drinks I’m out riding on tracks with friends on the weekend or attending Supercross races. I write part-time for Twowheelmania mainly to supplement my riding habit. I’m currently attending San Bernardino college.

Randy “Weekend Warrior”

I live life to it’s fullest by getting out on my Polaris RZR every chance that I get. Luckily I married one of Ontario’s most beautiful women and popped out two great kids. When I’m not riding with family I’m watching NASCAR hoping that my good old man Jimmy Johnson wins again. I got the weekend warrior name because I’m allways riding on the weekends. Rain or shine I’m out there tearing it up.