Motorist Versus Motorcycle Road Rage Incident In Florida


It’s happened again. An altercation between a motorcyclist and car driver has resulted in the car operator using the vehicle as a battering ram to swerve into the rider. The incident occurred in Florida and is reminiscent of the incredible road rage case we saw last year on the 14 freeway in Santa Clarita, California. […]

Honda’s New Neo Sports Cafe Inspired CB300R

2019 Honda CB300R

How long have we heard the mantra “bigger is better” thrown around when referring to motorcycles? It’s been used to promote the positive aspects of increasing everything from engine displacement to tire and wheel size. Well, the new trend in motorcycling has proven that old saying is just that, old. And it seems as though […]

Side by Side Comparison of Shoei’s Neotec and new Neotec II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

neotech II

Modular motorcycle helmets have risen in popularity over the years because of their functionality and protection. With the simple flip of a your hand you can raise the chin bar up and over your head to create a half helmet which makes it much easier for riders to talk to and hear each other at […]

Top 3 Motorcycles for Women


When it comes down to riding ability and experience being equal, any motorcycle that a male can ride a female can ride and get just as much enjoyment. That’s not to say however, that there aren’t certain factors such as a lower seat height and ergonomics, which can make some motorcycle models more popular among […]

Honda Is Monkeying Around


Feeding off the frenzy of the Grom, Honda is moving forward with releasing a 125cc Monkey into the wild—at least in Australia. Back in the 1960s many young new riders (and many older rider) got their first experience on motorized two wheels by throwing a leg over Honda’s spry little motor bike, the Z100 which […]

Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Helmets


The motorcycle helmet has come a long way since its rudimentary beginnings as a simple piece of canvas covered in shellac. Over the years safety, design, and build materials have improved significantly, but even with all the advancements and being one of the most integral pieces of safety when it comes to motorcycle gear, people […]

Product Spotlight Shoei NEOTEC II Modular Helmet

Lens Position: 638

Available for Purchase in March of 2018 will be the newly redesigned Shoei NEOTEC II Helmet. This modular motorcycle helmet is replacing the ever-popular Shoei Neotec modular helmet and is coming to market with significant advancements and upgrades to its predecessor. With this new helmet we are experiencing a similar “massive jump in technology” that […]

Head to Head: Motorcycle Locks–Make Sure What’s Yours, Stays Yours


Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock Manufacturer: Kryptonite MSRP: $180.95 Colors: black/yellow Weight: 15.1lbs Lock type: Chain and U-bolt disc lock Length: chain 5ft, u-lock 2.12”x1.86” All it takes is a New York minute for your unsecured motorcycle to disappear, but snake this bad boy through your motorcycle frame and/or wheel and like the […]

Spring into Action: 5 Motorcycle Prep Steps Before The First Ride Of The Season


Spring has officially sprung, at least according to the calendar, according to the weather across most of the country we’re still in the midst of a tough winter. While torrential rain and Nor’easters can put a real damper on you finally rolling your motorcycle out and getting some much needed seat time, the bright spot […]



(Press Release) KTM’s smartphone connectivity platform, KTM MY RIDE, available on a large number of its Street range increases in functionality for 2018, with the Phone and Music functions bolstered with turn-by-turn navigation and route planning, powered by a dedicated app. Living in a connected world, KTM began introducing the possibility for users to connect their […]