AMS Slingshot XT Wins 2018 Chaparral Motorsports’ 25 Inch ATV Tire Shootout

AMS Slingshot XT

January 15, 2018 (San Bernardino, CA)—After weeks of slinging dirt, charging through mud, and hauling thousands of pounds, Chaparral Motorsports is proud to crown the AMS Slingshot XT the winner of its inaugural 25-inch ATV Tire Shootout. On Monday, Jimmy White, AMS Brand Manager, was on site at Chaparral Motorsports to accept the award on […]

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Product Spotlight: Ocelot ATV Tire


The most important things keeping you from eating a mound of dirt when riding your ATV are your tires. They are also consumables, meaning that they wear with use and have to regularly be replaced. You want to get the best performance out of your ATV tires but the more you use your four wheeler, […]

Ocelot Sand Goggles Are Ideal For The Desert

Ocelot Sand Goggles Title

When you are out looking for your latest upgrades to your off-road riding gear, remember, your ensemble is not complete without a pair of Ocelot Sand Goggles. These high quality/low price sand goggles are a notch above the rest when it comes to practical, comfortable and stylish ATV riding gear. A high-quality product at a low […]

How To Change Your Own Cruiser Motorcycle Tire


There are many benefits to knowing how to perform routine maintenance on your cruiser motorcycle or street bike. Doing your own oil changes, swapping out your motorcycle brake pads, and maintaining your drive chain or belt can not only give you a great sense of accomplishment but help you save a lot of money. Armed […]

Christmas Buyer’s Guide: Gift ideas for less than $25

tour master

When it comes to Christmas shopping everyone tackles the task differently. Some people set out a specific budget as to how much they want to spend per person or for the whole holiday, while others just let the plastic and cash fly at the register. No matter if you’re shopping for a child, your boyfriend, […]