Land Speed Motorcycle Racer Valerie Thompson Crashes at Nearly 350 MPH and Walks Away

Photo: FIM - Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Facebook page

Just a few short days after setting a new record of 328.467 mph at the 28th Annual Speed Week in Australia, multi-time land-speed record holder, Valerie Thompson crashed the streamlined motorcycle she was piloting at nearly 350mph and was able to walk away. Thompson and the Team “7” Racing streamliner crew had been down in […]

Guy Martin Defeats the Wall of Death With World Record Speed


Oh you rode your motorcycle across the country? That’s cute. Guy Martin just sustained more than 5Gs of force while riding nearly 80mph in a circle of wooden planks on a motorcycle he built himself. On Monday, the motorcycle madman set the world record for the fastest speed on a wall of death. Martin was […]

Women’s Speed Record Ends In Crash

Becci Ellis

Soon after a close attempt at beating her own world speed record on the standing mile, the fastest woman ever on two wheels, Becci Ellis, was suddenly tossed off her motorcycle and went out of control by a large gust of wind at the World Wheelie Championship hosted by the Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, England. […]

Top Gear Stunt Team Completes A Double Loop

Top Gear Stunt Team Completes A Double Loop

The Top Gear Live Stunt Team, known for its daring bike tricks, completed the first ever double loop-the-loop on a motorcycle earlier this week.