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Motorcycle 4 stroke oil is an essential fluid for most modern bikes. Choose the right 4 stroke motorcycle oil for your ride and see the difference the right lubrication makes when you shop at Chaparral Motorsports.

Pick up quality 4 stroke oil on your next visit to Chaparral Motorsports and feel how the right lubrication can keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. 4 stroke motorcycle oil helps keep fuel running through your bike's engine while lubricating key components for added protection.

Four stroke oil works on all parts of the engine's combustion system, keeping moving parts operating at peak condition as you ride. Many motorcycle 4 stroke oil blends have additional properties, such as synthetic formulas designed for operation in hotter climates or to cut down on the number of necessary fluid flushes and changes. Browse the selection of oils and lubricants for motorcycles with four-stroke engines at