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The most basic motorcycle maintenance typically involves giving the machine regular cleanings and checking on the fluid levels throughout the machine. Before you can take care of this, however, you'll need the right tools - especially the motorcycle oils and chemicals that are safest for your bike.

Keeping a motorcycle looking shiny and new is easy with the help of the right cleaners and polishes. Many of the cleaners are part-specific, meaning there are certain products for windshields, brakes, whitewall tires, seats and other parts of the bike. You'll want to make sure you aren't unknowingly harming a motorcycle by using the wrong chemicals, so investing in the right cleaners is essential. Brands like S100, Motorex and Pro Clean are all available at Chaparral Motorsports, making it easy to use some of the best possible products on your motorcycle. There are even kits that have the right chemicals and cleaning tools for a bike.

Similarly, you need wax and polish that is safe for your motorcycle. Different compounds are best for paint, aluminum, chrome and other materials, so doing some research to select the right merchandise can go a long way. Reach out to the team at Chaparral Motorsports, as our experts can help you choose the best possible cleaners and chemicals for your machine.

Also, make sure the inner workings of a bike are cared for. That's where oils and lubricants come into play. These products range from brake fluid, suspension fluid and chain lube to specific two- or four-stroke oil. Additionally, stocking up on air filter oil, coolant and grease is a must, as they are all products you'll need as you complete periodic maintenance on the bike.