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Tire sealant gives you precious time to get your damaged bike tire or tube to a repair shop or quickly apply a patch. Take care to only travel short distances when you ride on tire sealant. Buy sealant and other supplies to keep your bike in top-notch shape at Chaparral Motorsports.

Choose the right tire sealant from the excellent selection of emergency repair tools available at Chaparral Motorsports. Sealant buys you a short period of time to get to a repair facility or apply a patch kit to get your tire and tube back up and running. You can only safely ride on tire sealant for a short distance, and you should replace or repair your tire or tube as soon as possible.

Sealant is a great emergency tool that lets you get back to town or the garage while protecting your rim locks and suspension from the potential damage of riding on low-pressure or deflated tires. Pick up sealant at before your next outing.