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Chaparral Motorsports Uses Creative Advertising to Attract Customers

May 17, 2011

Chaparral Motorsports, one of the leading motorcycle vehicle and accessory dealerships in San Bernardino, California, recently added a large digital sign to the outside of its main building in order to attract customers driving by on the adjacent freeway.

New Chaparral Motorsports Electronic SignThe new sign takes advantage of Chaparral's freeway frontage property, causing many people to learn more about the facility for the first time."'I drive by all the time, but never knew what was inside,' was a common remark that the Chaparral Motorsports sales team would hear from our customers," said Crystal Ashby, the vice president for marketing at Chaparral Motorsports.

The new sign measures 15 feet high by 30 feet wide, making it easily visible even to drivers passing the motorsports outlet at high speeds on the highway. In addition to its size, the digital banner is capable of displaying images in full color. This full-color capability helps the sign stand out from other digital advertisements along the 215 Freeway. As many as 14,200 cars drive by Chaparral Motorsports' new sign on this highway every hour, providing drivers with information that might inspire them to enter the motorcycle outlet's doors for the first time.

New Electronic SignThe sign attracts the attention of passers-by using light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, compiled into an electronic message center (also known as an EMC). These bright lights are controlled directly by a computer, allowing the sign to move and change to reflect new sales or promotions offered by Chaparral. With gas prices on the rise, the company may soon use the banner to promote fuel-efficient alternatives to standard vehicles. This advertising technique may prove particularly fruitful given Chaparral's location next to the freeway, as many drivers stuck in traffic may be concerned about the gas their cars burn while stuck in traffic jams.

"Adding the digital signage allows Chaparral to display colorful, exciting messages to an audience that may be looking for alternative commuting methods, like gas-saving scooters,” said Ashby.

Even if they are not interested in fuel-efficient options, however, drivers will still benefit from Chaparral's new sign, as the banner serves to spread the word about one of the area's top venues for buying motorcycles and motorcycle accessories.

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