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Shoei Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

For the best in class cruiser helmet choose Shoei. Chaparral Motorsports has a full selection of Shoei helmets from flip-up helmets, full-face helmets to half helmets and open face helmets in solid colors to wild designs. We have helmets for Men and Women along with a Shoei helmet sizing chart and helmet description to assist you in your purchase. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of comfort and safety then Shoei is the right helmet for you.
Scooter - Men's Riding Gear - Helmets - Flip-Up / Modular

MSRP: $648.99 - $662.99

$584.09 - $662.99

(1 Reviews)

Street Bike - Men's Riding Gear - Helmets - Full Face

MSRP: $366.99 - $387.99

$330.29 - $349.19

(0 Reviews)

MSRP: $440.99 - $462.99

$334.97 - $350.97

(1 Reviews)

MSRP: $492.99 - $752.99

$443.99 - $677.99

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Street Bike - Men's Riding Gear - Helmets - Open Face

Discounted Shoei Helmets for Sale

Chaparral has been around since 1980 and has grown into a Motorsports megastore. With 160,000 sq. ft. at our disposal we’ve decided to fill it up with motorcycle gear, helmets, motorcycles and accessories at reasonable prices. We have a large selection of Shoei helmets to choose from no matter what your riding style may be.