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Fox Racing

Fox Racing is the most recognized brand of motocross apparel. By working closely with the best riders in the history of the sport, Fox Racing has developed motorcycle riding gear for men and women that provides maximum protection, performance, and freedom of movement.

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Popular Fox Racing Products

Anyone involved in the world of motocross knows Fox Racing as one of the top brands in the sport. The manufacturer creates some of the most sought-after products, and anyone from kids to experts can enjoy the great gear.

Protective gear like helmets, gloves and boots can keep any rider safe from harm. The dirt bike helmets are designed to be aerodynamic and comfortable. Cheek pads and interior liners allow a rider to customize the feel of their headgear and find a model with the correct fit. Top-notch ventilation system keeps riders cool while also wicking away moisture, which ensures all bikers are comfortable enough to focus on the trails. The outside is just as advanced, with a molded shell and strong polycarbonate material shielded the head from danger.

Gloves and boots offer similar protection for the extremities. With padded and armor guarding joints and other susceptible areas, molded shapes and strong materials, this motocross gear is ready and able to protect riders of all ages. The products from Fox Racing are high-quality and can be used in environments ranging from recreational use to intense racing.

Riders can also find Fox Racing jerseys and pants that are perfect for motocross. This apparel is made from strong material and typically includes heat- and abrasion-resistant panels around knees and elbows. Mesh panels allow for cool airflow, while specially designed sections make it easy to tuck in shirts and have secure collars or cuffs.

Chaparral Motorsports carries a wide selection of products from Fox Racing. Whether you're looking for gear for men, women or kids, this impressive array of gear and apparel contains everything you need before heading out on a dirt bike. The team of customer service experts at Chaparral Motorsports can also help you find the right sizes and styles, ensuring you'll look and feel good when you start riding.