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Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear Buyer's GuideGetting caught in the rain is always a downer, but it is even worse when you're riding a motorcycle and it starts pouring. That is why investing in the right motorcycle rain gear is so important - but with so many options to wade through, it can be difficult to narrow down the selections.

Anyone who participates in year-round riding or adventure touring is likely going to want to invest in the right rain gear. With a variety of options catering to all styles, it is easy to find motorcycle jackets or rain suits that provide the ultimate protection in the face of inclement weather.

Rain Suits - Head To Toe Protection

Motorcycle Rain SuitsRain suits can provide all-over protection in a convenient and comfortable form. These ensembles are available in one- or two-piece getups and are made out of breathable, waterproof material. High neck lines block the rain from sensitive areas, while a high-cut waist allows the pieces to overlap each other for added protection. Riders will also appreciate the elasticized cuffs, which prevent unwanted shifting and block out rain.

Waterproof Textile Suits - Adventure And Protection

For the most comprehensive coverage, you'll want to invest in a waterproof textile suit. Not only are these options more than capable of keeping you dry, but they also work to insulate the body should the temperature drop and boast a variety of protective panels that can help out in the event of a crash. These suits attempt to blend performance with comfort, and they can be a great long-term investment for motorcyclists. If you're concerned about heavy rains or even snow and want to have the best possible protection, you should take a look at these high-quality textile suits.

Individual Gear - Customize To Fit Your Style

Motorcycle Rain GearRiders can also choose to purchase individual pieces of rain gear, like jackets or pants. These accessories are often sized to be worn over standard motorcycle apparel, allowing a rider to keep them in a storage compartment until inclement weather strikes.

Whether you choose to buy a complete suit or are going the piecemeal route, it helps to purchase a good pair of waterproof boots and gloves. Not only will they help keep your extremities warm and dry, but the added comfort lets you concentrate on the road and your machine.