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Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Alarms

Motorcycle Alarm Buyers GuideThere is no room to skimp on quality when you are searching for the right motorcycle alarm. Security is of paramount importance, especially as you continue to invest money in a bike, so it's only natural to want to protect your machine and accessories in every possible way. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends adding an audible alarm to a motorcycle as one of the most effective ways of preventing theft.

Some of the most advanced alarms include a paging system that will alert you should any problems arise with your bike. When the alarm is triggered, a notification is sent via the pager. Many alarms that take advantage of a transmitter use special shock or motion sensors that will let a bike owner know when the motorcycle is moved off its side stand or experiences some kind of impact. Similarly, a current sensor alerts you when there is a drop in the motorcycle's electrical system, which may be indicative of someone hot-wiring the bike.

Gorilla Cycle Alarm 8017 With 2-Way Paging SystemTop alarm options also feature LED warning lights. These tools let others know that your motorcycle is protected by an electric alarm system, which can deter any type of theft or tampering with a simple visual cue.

Many of the most attractive alarm systems will be waterproof and have a variety of extras that make things easier for bike owners. Things like compact size, easy installation and a loud siren can all enhance a setup and make it more attractive for any type of motorcyclist.

You can find a motorcycle alarm that is suited exactly for your machine. Whether you're riding a cruiser, sport bike or any other type of motorcycle, you have an opportunity to invest in the right alarm system that will give you peace of mind during your adventures.