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Buyer's Guide: Heated Motorcycle Gear

Heated Motorcycle Gear Buyer's GuideCold weather doesn't have to get in the way of your riding schedule. In fact, there's no reason winter experiences can't be just as comfortable as the rest of the year, especially because heated motorcycle gear allows motorcyclists to stay warm no matter what the temperature is.

How Heated Motorcycle Gear Works

Heated Gear Power SourcesThe motorcycle apparel is warmed up through the use of electricity, which is drawn from a portable battery or the bike's electrical system. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages, and the best option will vary from rider to rider. Some prefer batteries because they don't want wires connecting the gear to their motorcycle, but this means limiting the power output. As a result, the accessories don't get as warm, and you are still forced to deal with short battery life.

On the other hand, gear that is wired to your bike allows you to take advantage of a higher power output to achieve warmer temperatures, and you don't have to worry about buying frequent replacements. The downside comes from being constantly connected to the motorcycle, which some may find uncomfortable. There is also some light installation that must be completed before use.

Heated Motorcycle Gear Options

Heated Motorcycle GearInvolvement with heated gear frequently begins with motorcycle jackets or liners. These pieces can keep the upper body warm while acting as stand-alone garments or sitting under other jackets. The rest of the body can stay warm with the help of pant liners, heated boot insoles, socks and gloves.

Before making a final purchase, motorcyclists should also be aware of the batteries, chargers and wires they will need to heat up the gear. Control units to manage the temperature of the gear can also be beneficial, so riders buying the corresponding heated gear may want to consider adding one of these dials as well.