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How to Choose a Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator

Hands-free communication is the latest rage, and you shouldn't have to miss out just because you're riding a motorcycle. Whether you're traveling with a group and want to stay connected or simply want an easier way to handle things like a cellphone or GPS device, purchasing a Bluetooth communication system can be a valuable investment.

Most motorcycle communications tools are equipped with the technology that can act as a two-way radio, phone adapter, MP3 operator, Bluetooth to radio adapter for motorcycles, and much more. Differences arise in range, the number of fellow riders a model can connect with, and what other devices it is compatible with, but motorcyclists can shop around to find the best deal.

Chaparral Motorsports has a number of top devices that can act as the perfect Bluetooth communication system for any rider. Here are just a few of the most popular offerings:

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System

Sena SMH10

The Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone Dual Pack is one of the most popular options on the market. This device clips on the helmet and is designed for riders to easily use it, even while wearing gloves or other heavy pieces of motorcycle gear. This Sena product connects up to four people at a range of 980 yards and also is capable of syncing with a phone, GPS device and a variety of music players.

With two complete communication systems in the dual pack, both the rider and passenger will be plugged in and able to keep their hands free and stay safe. If you ride with a buddy, the two headsets allow you to communicate with minimum hassle.

The universal microphone is another handy feature, as this set comes with both a wired microphone for use inside full face motorcycle helmets and an attachable boom microphone that you can position where it is most comfortable. You are free to use either microphone with the headset, thus allowing you to buy one model for use with any type of helmet.

Sena SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter

Sena SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter

A more basic version from Sena is the SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter. It is designed to connect various two-way radio devices in the market with Bluetooth headset units. The SR10 has two wired ports that enable riders to connect non-Bluetooth devices such as radar/laser detectors or GPS devices. In addition to the hands-free functionality it gives to your two-way radio, the SR10 allow you to use your bluetooth headset with your phone and radio at the same time.

While it does not include a bluetooth headset, it does allow for easy mounting on your handlebar for safe and easy use of the large Push To Talk (PTT) button. Since this adapter is designed for hands free use of phones and two-way radios, the audio is transmitted in mono instead of stereo, so if you are looking for a bluetooth transmitter for your stereo system or other music player, a better bet would be the Sena SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter.

UClear HBC200 Dual Force Communication System

UClear HBC200 Dual Force Bluetooth Communication System

Another worthy product is the UClear HBC200. The UClear is one of the easiest to assemble - you just clip it on and you're ready to go - and boasts a boomless microphone for voice commands that's built right into the speaker. It's sold as a pair but can connect 10 or more people over a wide range, depending on how many riders are conferencing.

Designed to accommodate a large group of riders, this system works well for caravan riding and group touring. Each additional rider enhances the connection network, extending the intercom range without sacrificing clarity. In addition to the versatile group communication, this communicator uses multiple audio enhancement processes to provide superb stereo audio of your music and the wind-filtering process reduces problems with voice control and intercom communication.

Cardo Systems Scala Rider Bluetooth Communication System

Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9

One of the most durable devices is the Cardo Systems Scala Rider system, which comes with a variety of connectivity options and a talk time of up to 13 hours. The Cardo System Scala Rider G9 Powerset Bluetooth Communication System comes with two pre-paired bluetooth communicators and headsets, complete with interchangeable boom and wired microphones. This system is a robust communication device that even allows for on-the-fly connecting with other Scala Rider G9 headsets. It even features a built-in radio and music streaming option, making it one of the more comprehensive options on the market.