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Ride More or Refuel Less - Gas Tank Buyer's Guide

IMS Dirt Bike Gas TankLet's face it - fueling up your dirt bike can be a pain, but it needs to be done. The last thing you want to do is drain your tank and be left in the dust. So you need to look at getting a bigger dirt bike gas tank.

While most dirt bike gas tanks hold 2.1 gallons of fuel and will be okay for most motocross tracks, when it comes to a weekend out in the desert or riding the trails, 2.1 gallons can seem like it burns up pretty quickly.

Constantly having that "running out of gas" worry in the back of your mind can take the fun out of the ride, but there is a solution - a larger capacity gas tank. There are a lot of aftermarket gas tanks out there today, and they range in different sizes and colors - from stock replacement tanks all the way up to 6+ gallon tanks.

It's important to note that going to a bigger gas tank will add some extra weight to the bike with the additional fuel you’re carrying, and most of the oversized tanks are a bit taller than stock so they might change up the look and feel of your bike.

Acerbis Dirt Bike Gas TanksNo matter what brand of motorcycle gas tank you choose from; whether its IMS, Clarke or Acerbis; most of them include the mounting hardware and are designed for quick and easy installation using basic hand tools. Most of these motorcycle gas tanks start at around $200 dollars and up depending on size, color, specialty gas caps, or if they have a dry break system.

Remember, replacement gas tanks are intended for off-highway use and may not meet the emissions requirements for street legal vehicles in your state.