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Proper Care For White Wall Motorcycle Tires

White Wall Motorcycle Tires

White wall tires can bring a classic and sophisticated look to any machine, but you're going to want them to stay white once you get them on a motorcycle. To do this you'll need to learn how to clean white wall tires, an act that is easy once you know what products to use and how to approach the situation.

Many riders turn to a bottle of cleaner to help them return their white wall tires to top form. Cycle Care Formula 1 White Wall Tire and Wheel Cleaner is a favorite, available in a 22oz. spray bottle and one gallon refill, as it restores white wall motorcycle tires while also avoiding any risk of damage.

Cycle Care Formula 1 is one of the top choices for keeping white wall motorcycle tires clean. The specially formulated, non-corrosive cleaner was created to safely remove dirt, brake dust, oil and other stains without harming both black and white rubber found in tires. It has also been designed to safely work with materials like chrome, aluminum or other powder-coated metals found in wheels, so you can be sure your machine will be left looking as good as new when you're finished cleaning.

Cycle Care Formula 1 White Wall Tire And Wheel Cleaner

Once you spray the cleaner on the tire, take a brass brush and begin scrubbing the tire. The brass won't harm chrome, allowing you to get rid of stains quickly and effectively. After washing the white wall tire thoroughly, rinse the wheel with water and watch as the white shines brighter than before.

Products such as Cycle Care Formula 1 can also be used to clean a spoke wheel. A floss brush eliminates brake dust and other build-up from the interior of the wheel, and you should end by rinsing everything with water in the same manner you used on the white wall tire.

Now that you know how to clean white wall tires, you'll be able to spruce up your machine and have it ready to hit the road in no time.