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Discover The World On Two Wheels

Nothing compares to seeing the world on two wheels. Motorcyclists who use their bikes to explore their surroundings are exposed to some truly stunning sights and amazing opportunities, which makes touring spots across the globe on the back of a motorcycle a special experience.

Riders who are in it for the long haul can partake in a number of events that take advantage of all of the benefits touring on a bike offers. One of the longest is the Iron Butt Rally, a biennial event that traverses the land across the U.S. With no regard for bad weather, high temperatures or geographic landmarks, the trip brings adventurous riders across some of the most difficult terrain in the nation, crossing approximately 9,000 miles in 11 days. The Iron Butt Association sponsors a number of similar treks, ranging from the 1,000-mile Saddlesore & Bunburner to the month-long Coast to Coast trip.

Rides to try

There are plenty of options for riders who want to test their limits with an extended journey. North Carolina's Tail of the Dragon is a good place to start, as it contains 318 curves over the course of just 11 miles. More than 1,100 motorcycles travel the trail each day.

Riders who head to Europe won't want to miss the Transfagarasan Highway. Originally built as a military route, this Romanian path is about 56 miles long and boasts a dramatic surrounding landscape. Moldoveanu and Negoiu, the two highest peaks in the country, are just a couple of the landmarks riders pass by as they navigate the unique stretch of land.

Don't want to lose sight of the water? Then consider the Pacific Coast Highway, which brings riders down the West Coast along one of the most scenic routes in the world. Stretching from Astoria, Ore., to San Juan Capistrano, Calif., this trek encompasses two states and 1,700 miles. With a dazzling array of beaches, cliffs, forests and cities, it's a journey that's sure to please.

Another top American trail is The Great River Road. Created in 1938, this 2,552-mile path follows the Mississippi River down the U.S., exposing riders to a wide range of climates, landscapes and atmospheres present in 10 different states.

How Chaparral Motorsports can help

Anyone can embark on a thousand-mile trek on the back of their motorcycle, but they may need to stock up on some of the right gear before they begin. Extended mileage touring tires, durable saddlebags and comfortable seats are a must, as is a top-of-the-line communications system. Bluetooth communications devices allow multiple riders to stay in touch as they go and are ideal for these long journeys. Other important investments include weather-appropriate apparel and a high-definition camera, which is great for recording the sights along the way.