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How To Care For And Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

How To Care For And Clean Your Helmet

The importance of using motorcycle helmets cannot be understated. Whether you're on a cruiser, dirt bike or anything in between, you need to properly care for your safety equipment to ensure that your gear is ready to handle whatever comes its way.

Caring For Helmets

Storing helmets is an important aspect of caring for the gear. You shouldn't suspend them from handlebars or levers on a bike, as this could cause dents or scratches, and whenever the helmet is not in use you should store it properly in a case and indoors. Leaving it in back seats or trunks can be harmful, especially if you let it roll around freely or sit in hot temperatures, so remain cognizant about how you treat your helmet.

Motorcycle CrashIf you are in an accident or the helmet suffers some kind of significant impact, you should replace the accessory as soon as possible. Any type of stress could result in cracks or damage that you may not be able to notice, so it's important to upgrade the motorcycle gear after some kind of blow. Even those riders who haven't been in any type of crash should plan on replacing their helmets every five years or so.

Cleaning motorcycle helmets

Another important aspect of caring for motorcycle helmets is keeping your products clean. Before working on the helmet, make sure your hands and materials are clean. You should also take any helmet accessories such as stickers and removable parts off the helmet, stripping it down to as simple an item as you can get.

Once you've reached that point, you can start buffing a helmet with wax and polish. Make sure you use only water-soluble cleansers to prevent undue damage that petroleum-based products can cause. Any removable elements, such as liners or cheek pads, can be washed separately, and the clear visors should be cleaned with a nonabrasive cloth to avoid streaks and scratches.