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How Does A Power Commander Work?

Motorcyclists are always searching for the next piece of gear that will help take their performance to the next level. These tools may come in the form of apparel or technological accessories, but more often than not they will appear as special devices designed to get the most out of any machine. One such example is a Power Commander, which can be used to enhance the ride of any motorcycle.

What Is A Power Commander?

DynoJet Power Commander VAt its core, a Power Commander is an electronic device that works with fuel injection systems and ignition settings to create a power output that is right for any situation. It usually achieves this by hooking up to the motorcycle's electrical system and computer timing to determine what is needed in any given scenario. By tracking how much fuel and energy is being used at any given throttle position or RPM, motorcyclists can swiftly and accurately make changes to create a more efficient ride.

Many motorcycle racers find that a Power Commander is uniquely suited to working in their favor. The device allows competitors to adjust the engine settings to provide the best possible performance, all without making time consuming pit stops.

Power Commander Basics

Power Commander Throttle MapBefore investing in a Power Commander, riders should brush up on a few basics of the tool. Most models arrive with a series of pre-made maps that match the average exhaust setup of a bike. These are designed to immediately start improving bike performance without any effort on the rider's part, and many motorcyclists may find that these plans work well without any modifications.

Owners who want to map their specific bikes can undergo that quick process to discover at what RPM or gear their power can be enhanced. Once they find a certain area where bike performance flatlines, they can enter that information into the Power Commander, enriching the problem RPM range to increase the amount of fuel delivered there and effectively eliminating engine hesitation.

Power Commander III Installed In Airbox

Power Commanders also make it easier to install aftermarket parts to a motorcycle. For example, if riders want to upgrade an exhaust system, they can utilize a Power Commander to map the fuel injection system and get the remodeled bike working at a high level. This mapping capability can be helpful if riders plan on making other changes to the machine that will effect power output and want to track these alterations.

Riders who are planning on participating in a motorsports race, especially those on street or sport bikes, may find that a Power Commander goes a long way toward making them more competitive. However, these motorcyclists have to be careful about what type of device they invest in. Each Power Commander is specific to an individual motorcycle - meaning that one designed for a Honda bike will only work on Honda, and the same for other brands of bikes.

How To Control A Power Commander

Power Commander WiringInstalling and working a Power Commander doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve motorcycle performance. First, riders must locate the standard electrical connection on their bike, which is typically found underneath the seat. Then they just have to plug the device into the motorcycle. If everything is connected correctly and the Power Commander has been accurately programmed, it should begin working immediately.

Just because the Power Commander will begin functioning immediately doesn't mean there isn't any more customization to be done. Riders can change the settings manually or with a computer and USB cable, which allows them to see the exact changes.