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Motocross Gear

Get your motocross gear at Chaparral Motorsports. We've got the lowest prices on the latest motocross gear from top brand names like Fox Racing, Answer Racing, Thor, and O'Neal.

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Motocross riders need the best possible gear to protect themselves from the elements. Head to toe coverage is incredibly important, and having all of the right accessories to guard against the environment, other racers and accidental collisions can make a big difference in your riding experience.

Perhaps the most important area to protect is your head. Motocross helmets and corresponding goggles provide a layer of coverage that staves off harm due to crashes or debris. With the help of motocross jerseys and pants, you can ensure your entire body has comprehensive protection that will keep you safe in almost any situation. Made from strong weather-resistant materials, this apparel can greatly improve the performance and comfort of a rider.

Preserving your extremities should not be lost in all of this. Hands and feet are just as important to protect as any other part of your body, and they require specially designed gear that allows you to control the bike and securely hold onto the machine without hampering your movement or distracting you with discomfort. Motocross boots and gloves also need to be strong enough to keep you safe in the event of a collision, as there's no telling what type of environment you could be in when you go down.

All of the gear needed to successful ride motocross can be expensive - but it doesn't have to be. Chaparral Motorsports frequently has discount prices or closeout sales that feature brand-name goods like Fox Racing, Answer Racing, Fly Racing or O'Neal Racing. Even the shopping process is simple when you reach out to the customer service experts at the motorcycle superstore. These workers know about the ins and outs of the gear and can provide suggestions on what is the best bet for you.