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Get great deals on top brand name motorcycle jackets at Chaparral. We stock hundreds of offroad and street motorcycle jackets for men, women, and kids.

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Motorcycle jackets are for more than just looking good. In fact, they are extremely important for the comfort and safety of a rider. Normal jackets restrict mobility, can easily become waterlogged and lack the comprehensive protection offered by specifically designed motorcycle jackets. The safest solution is to purchase an accessory that is right for you.

Like any other piece of motorcycle gear, the perfect jacket will depend on your bike and the kind of riding you intend to do. Off-road and ATV jackets are made out of rugged material that is more than capable of protecting you from the elements you may encounter in nature. They also offer plenty of mobility and flexibility - something that is essential if you're trying to adapt to an unknown environment.

Anyone riding a cruiser at high speeds will want to consider an armored jacket. Many of these have strong leather on the outside and protective panels integrated into it, which is ideal for guarding accidents harm during accidents or spills. Having a jacket with reflective panels for better visibility and top-notch ventilation for comfort is also a smart idea.

Chaparral Motorsports has an impressive collection of motorcycle jackets. You can choose from name brands like Alpinestars, Tour Master, River Road, Icon and Firstgear, all of which offer many colors and sizes at affordable prices. Chaparral Motorsports regularly has special sales and closeouts as well, giving you a chance to buy the perfect jacket at a great price. The perfect motorcycle jacket will vary from rider to rider. If you aren't sure, let one of the customer service experts at Chaparral Motorsports help you make a selection. They may be able to provide some insight into the buying process and can narrow down the options.