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Motorcycle Luggage

Whether you’re riding cross-country, off road or your motorcycle is your daily commuter Chaparral has the motorcycle luggage that you need for added storage at discounted prices.

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Popular Motorcycle Luggage

Riders who spend a lot of time on motorcycles or four-wheeled machines will undoubtedly need some additional storage for extra gear, tools, equipment and other possessions. Luckily, there are a number of options when it comes to motorcycle luggage, and it's easy to choose the type of storage that works best for your needs.

One of the most basic types of luggage is saddlebags. Often made from leather, nylon or a harder polymer material, these bags can be mounted directly on a bike for a waterproof storage compartment. They can usually be locked or secured to prevent theft, and many options have an easy-release buckle for quick detachments.

Similarly, tail bags attach to the back of a bike and offer multiple pockets for storage. Most tail bags can hold a full-face helmet with ease and come equipped with a waterproof exterior or rain cover. Various smaller pockets can hold other items and zip for security and easy packing. There are also tank bags, many of which are magnetic and cling to the exterior of a motorcycle for easy mounting and a compact design.

A smaller alternative is tool or fork bags. These packs attach to the front of a motorcycle and can easily hold a small collection of tools, cables, wires and more. At the other end of the spectrum is a sissy bar bag, which is a larger storage container that can double as a backpack. Big enough to store rain apparel and other types of clothing and equipment, these sissy bags can be adjusted and mounted onto a motorcycle or toted around with backpack and shoulder straps.

Chaparral Motorsports carries a wide variety of luggage that all types of riders can benefit from. Riders of cruisers, street bikes or ATVs and UTVs can purchase bags that are specifically catered to their machines and gear. Whether you're interested in brands like Cortech, Givi, River Road, Rapid Transit or any other, you can invest in high-end items that come at low prices.