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Wheel Weights

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MSRP: $23.19 - $44.49

$23.19 - $44.49

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MSRP: $30.79 - $62.99

$30.79 - $62.99

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Chaparral Motorsports Wheel Weights

Purchase wheel weights from Chaparral Motorsports and enjoy the benefits of enhanced stability on the road. Motorcycle wheel balance weights help your bike to remain straight and stable as you ride, making it easier to control your machine at higher speeds or when braking and turning. Motorcycle wheel weights come in different sizes and have different methods of attaching to your wheel. The right motorcycle wheel balancing weights should help ensure that your favorite motorcycle remains perfectly balanced, without any added weight that may unbalance it in the opposite direction. Learn more about how to choose and apply metal weights to keep your bike stable and steady on your rides at chaparral-racing.com.