Motorcycle Service, Repair

Chaparral Motorsports has a professionally equipped service facility with trained factory motorcycle repair technicians. Our vehicle service advisors are ready to help service and maintain your motorcycle, ATV, UTV.


555 South H Street
Gate B, College Ave Entrance
San Bernardino, CA 92410

Phone Number


Service Department Hours

Monday - Friday:
9:00am to 7:00pm
9:00am to 6:00pm

Labor Rate: $90 per hour

Parts not included in labor rate estimate. Some makes and models are additional.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Oil Change (Dirt Bike, ATV, Cruiser, Sport Bike)
Harley Oil Change
Harley Transmission Fluid
Harley Oil Change & Trans. Service
Minor/Major Service (Individual pricing available upon request)
$180.00 - $360.00
Tires and Wheels
Dirt Bike Front Tire/Tube Change
Dirt Bike Rear Tire/Tube Change
Sport Bike Front Tire Change
Sport Bike Rear Tire Change
ATV/UTV Tire Change Standard (Per Wheel)
ATV/UTV Tire Change Beadlock (Per Wheel)
Cruiser/Touring Bike Front Tire/Tube Change
Cruiser/Touring Bike Rear Tire/Tube Change
GoldWing 1500 Front
GoldWing 1500 Rear
GoldWing 1800 Front
GoldWing 1800 Rear
Harley Front
Harley Rear
Truing and Lacing Wheels
True only off the bike(per wheel)
True only on the bike (per wheel)
True/Lace off the bike (per wheel)
True/Lace on the bike (per wheel)
$225.00 - $270.00
Brake Pads (per caliper)
Chain Service - clean, lube, adjust
Chain Replacement (new)
Dirt Bike fork seal replacement (both)
Sport Bike fork seal replacement (both)
Cruiser/Touring fork seal replacement (both)
$225.00 - $315.00
No shock rebuilds
Fuel System
Carb Clean/Fuel Flush - Dirt Bike (kick start models)
Carb Clean/Fuel Flush - Dirt Bike/ATV (electric start)
Carb Clean/Fuel Flush - Cruiser
Carb Clean/Fuel Flush - Sport Bike
Inspect and Advise Repairs
Dirt Bike, Cruiser, Sport Bike

Free VIN Check for Motorcycle Recalls and ATV Recalls